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    Hey Everyone

    From LILA Chapter 24:
    "The end of the twentieth century in America seems to be an intellectual,
    social and economic rust-belt, a whole society that has given up on Dynamic
    improvement and is slowly trying to slip back to Victorianism, the last
    static ratchet-latch."

    Entering with a belief that after the American Revolution, America has seen
    little changing from generation to generation. Sure there have been
    technological advances, but we know Technology isn't where a quality man is

    This rust-belt that Pirsig refers to, is the idea that we have encountered
    everything and potentiated everything there is to add potential to. We are
    taking objects already invented, and adding short cut gadgets to them and
    calling them new inventions. Tweaking old inventions is considered new these
    days. An economic Static induced rust-belt.

    To look at the rust-belt in the intellectual&social view. A well mannered
    man is considered a man with the manners of someone in the 1940's-1950's.
    Yes Ma'am, No Sir, thank you, please..Things again going back to the 'oldie
    days'. The old fashioned way to do things seems to be the best way to do
    things. There's nothing dynamic in that. If something old fashioned is
    considered quality then we are stuck in more static. Sure you can have a
    dynamic way of doing old fashioned acts, but they are traditionally the same
    thing in the end.

    We are stuck in the old days. Our new inventions are just old inventions
    being taken advantage of. Our society doesn't expect anything dynamic
    anymore. The most dynamic thing a person expects to have in a day is
    something odd on television. We are headed so far from dynamic quality they
    we are slipping back to the roots of America. We are based on the quality or
    state of Victory. As old fashioned as Victorianism.

    I believe that Pirsig is referring to the belief that we are not a society
    seeking dynamic quality, just the quality of Victory. Pirsig says a society
    needs dynamic improvement to continue on. The people in America have given
    up on dynamic improvement and are waiting for a society to challenge us. It
    seems we seek dynamic improvement when we are threatened. We will put forth
    our dynamic abilities when our Victory is questioned. Though no society has
    threatened us for years until the recent struggle in the Middle East. We
    have dynamic improvement in America's national security but thats it. Before
    the war on terror though we have had nothing truly threatening US society in
    decades. If we are not worried about our Victory then we aren't putting
    forth our dynamic talents near as much as we could be.

    This war on terror, we are trying to achieve victory from the 9/11 attacks.
    Trying to sustain Americas victorious reign. America is back into
    Victorianism and the more you look it at the more it stands out.

    Though this book was written in 1991, major advances past that just back
    this up. The stock market bubble is purely based on Victorianism. The point
    of entering the stock market is to have victory. The qualities of these new
    technological break outs are only in victory. The current American economy,
    intellect, and socializations are in a rust-belt of not having a quality
    other then victory.

    Just my 4am perception,


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