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Date: Tue Oct 12 2004 - 14:54:21 BST

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    Hi all,

    A brief picking up of the baton.

    Matt wrote: "In these general terms, SOM in the wide, Greek-as-target sense
    is synonymous with
    modern philosophy, though I think its ambiguous as to whether Pirsig is
    modern or post-modern then
    (I think there is evidence for both). On the other hand, SOM in its more
    logical-positivist-as-target sense is not synonymous with the specific sense
    of Cartesianism because
    the logical positivist (and therefore SOM) is already post-Cartesian (though
    I wouldn't be surprised
    if there remained a few Cartesian remenants in Pirsig)."

    That seems a good framing to me. I think two questions arise: one is the
    question of the Greeks and
    their relationship to SOM (a big question). The second is whether Pirsig is
    consistently non-SOM in
    his thinking (ie is he still a Cartesian in some places).

    Would it be an idea to go to Glenn's weblink and work through his suggested
    topic, as I think that
    will enable us to move forward on answering the questions above, especially
    the second? It's spooky
    that he recommended such a similar line of enquiry.


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