MF Call for Topics March 2005

Date: Wed Mar 02 2005 - 16:59:33 GMT

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    Dear MF group,
    Please submit suggestions for the March 2005 Topic.
    The February 2005 topic can be voted for continuation into March 2005.

    Posts for the current topic are still being taken, and will continue to be taken until voting on the next topic is announced.

    The 'Suggestion of Topics' and 'Vote for Topic' are separate. Whereas members may suggest as many topics as they would like, they can vote for one topic only. Please note: A topic-suggestion does NOT count as an automatic vote for that topic; members suggesting topics during the Call for Topics will still have to cast a vote for their topic (or another if they so desire) during the Call for Votes. Our voting procedure is as follows, where day 0 is the first day of each new month:

    Day -6 (00:00hrs GMT): The moderator will call for topic-suggestions. All topic-suggestions will be forwarded to the MF list along with topic posts for the current month.
    Day -3 (00:00hrs GMT): The moderator will call for all members to vote for a topic and will issue a reminder that Opinions will soon be called for. Voting posts will not be forwarded to the list.
    Day 0 (00:00hrs GMT): The next topic-question and voting results are announced and the new discussion begins. The Moderator will call for Opinions.
    Day 2 (00:00hrs GMT): Members send in their Opinion on the previous month' s topic.
    Day 7 (00:00 hrs GMT): Summary and Opinions from previous month's discussion are posted to MOQ.ORG
    If members suggest topics or vote before the set days these will be held back until the set days and then posted to the list. In the event of a tie the discussion moderator will decide. In the event that a period of one week within the normal monthly topic period should pass without any posts being offered by the members, the moderator will make a call for final comments and Opinions and the discussion will be closed. The continuation of any topic-question that supports a full month of discussion will be automatically added to the topic-suggestions for the following month.

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