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Date: Mon May 16 2005 - 01:23:26 BST

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    mark: (anthony>>?) Pirsig does place more emphasis on individual
    self-development (through Buddhist thought) rather than mass social
    movements so the plausibility of choosing an economic or politically
    orientated solution over Pirsig's in dealing with modern alienation could
    possibly be loosely framed as choosing between the respective effectiveness
    of Buddhist philosophy or radical politics in achieving positive global
    social change. (McWatt 2004, p. 137-8)

    Poot: just a brief comment.

    It makes sense to put self-development ahead, to me, and heres why, as
    concisely as I can put it;

    Attempting to develop with the intentions of affecting society, rather than
    self can be tricky because there is so much to concieve at any given point,
    and its impossible to tell what the results of actions (in good will) will
    result in.

    If you develop yourself , with the aims of leading of life of high-value
    choices, towards evolution , or basically in a positive way, then you can
    affect society in a very positive way.

    i.e. vegetarianism, is often a personal choice, but this personal choice is
    often spread to others who are in contact with the vegetarian, and then come

    to examine their own lives .

    There are certain value choices that are very common, and easily contagious.

      Some most frequent relate to acts of kindness, generosity, anger, revenge,

    guilt, and respect, just to name a few.


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