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Date: Sat May 14 2005 - 04:17:18 BST

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    Mark 13-05-05:
    Hello Forum, Sam wishes to explore Individual worth: 'Where does this fit in
    with the MoQ?
    Mark 13-05-05:
    Sam concludes: Individual worth is not to be left behind, it is, in fact,
    right at the heart of all that has Quality.
    Mark 13-05-05:
    Sam has an alternative interpretation: Anyone who has reached this far and
    remains interested is referred to my essay called 'The Eudaimonic MoQ' on
    the website.
    Mark 13-05-05:
    There are a number of fatal problems with Sam's position regarding the MOQ.
    The most serious problem is his frequent placing of the cart before the
    Example 1. The Metaphysics of Quality (MoQ) is... ... a filing system for
    the contents of our mind. (Norton 2003)
    Example 2. Eudaimon MOQ.
    Sam gives priority to both mind and Eudaimonia. The MOQ gives priority to DQ
    and sq:
    'The word "I" like the word "self" is one of the trickiest words in any
    metaphysics. Sometimes it is an object, a human body; sometimes it is a
    subject, a human mind. I believe there are number of philosophic systems,
    notably Ayn Rand's "Objectivism," that call the "I" or "individual" the
    central reality. Buddhists say it is an illusion. So do scientists. The MOQ
    says it is a collection of static patterns capable of apprehending Dynamic
    Quality.' (Pirsig, 2002h, p. 533 cited McWatt 2004 p. 55-6)
    If we accept that worth can be developed, then the question of Individual
    worth is not left behind in the MOQ:
    Pirsig does place more emphasis on individual self-development (through
    Buddhist thought) rather than mass social movements so the plausibility of
    choosing an economic or politically orientated solution over Pirsig's in
    dealing with modern alienation could possibly be loosely framed as choosing
    between the respective effectiveness of Buddhist philosophy or radical
    politics in achieving positive global social change. (McWatt 2004, p. 137-8)
    We have now answered two central problems in Sam's position:
    1. The status of the individual in the MOQ,
    2. Individual self-development.
    All the best,

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