RE: MD An Introduction to the Metaphysics of Quality

Date: Sat May 19 2001 - 15:49:39 BST

Marc wrote

> The good part of LC in my opinion is that it can be the Static Intellectual
> Pattern, like Pirsig wrote.
> Yes, LC is quite dull, as are most intellectual Scientific Books. It doesn't
> matter.
> Even Jimi Hendrix would not be able to explain E=MC2 well and also make it
> artistically Dynamic. Different kind of qualities, you know.

Oh how I disagree! Have you read Richard Dawkins on evolution? Steven Pinker on the workings of the mind? How about David Deutsh's
explanation of wave-light duality "Shadows"? It's one of the most beautiful pieces of writing I've ever read. Perfectly scientific
and perfectly artistic at the same time.


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