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Date: Mon May 21 2001 - 06:45:26 BST

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> You're right and I initially discussed this in private with Dan.
> I thought the matter was settled, but then he came on the list
> misrepresenting me and announcing that I have given him permission,
> when he and I both know that I haven't. I apologise for dragging
> everyone else into it, but the thought of those posts being
> published appeals to me about as much as having my school photo
> (yep, the one with the pigtails AND braces) broadcast 24 hrs a day
> on network tv.


You realize that anything you've ever put on the internet is potentially out
there in cyberspace *forever.* Whether it's published in a book or not, it
remains on the internet and can be found. Even if you deleted all the old
archives, they could still be floating out there in some remote region of

I understand your point; I've said things in old posts that were far from
well-thought-out, and expressed views I don't necessarily hold anymore. But
once something enters cyberspace, it's out there for all time (potentially).
Books and print are a far less powerful preservative than cyberspace. So Dan
would only be publishing something that's already available--available
forever--for anyone to see. I agree that he shouldn't publish anything you've
written without your permission, but once you put something on the internet,
it's sort of self-published automatically.


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