Re: MD Authors Rights

From: Jonathan B. Marder (
Date: Mon May 21 2001 - 07:44:05 BST

Hi Diana and all,

Diana, I read through most of your post and was just about to hit the reply
key when I read your last sentence . . .

> I think I'll put a more strongly worded warning about copyright
> on the website. Hopefully that will discourage further abuses.

Absolutely!!!! It should be clear that when people use the discussion lists or
the web site, there are certain conditions attached, including the rules of
etiquette and copyright.

IMO, when we contribute, we do so on the understanding that others may quote
us within the MoQ forums. When we *DO* quote each other, we should be careful
to give proper credit.

However, when one starts to use the material OUTSIDE (e.g. in other
discussions, books etc.) things start to get complicated.
1. Each contributor has certain individual rights to their own writing.
2. The rights to the discussion AS A WHOLE belong to the MoQ organization
IMO opinion, the person with an obvious claim as executor of those collective
rights is Diana.

Thus if Dan wants to use something that I wrote, he should seek my permission.
If Dan wants to use a discussion from the list that includes material from me
and a dozen other contributors. I think he needs the permission of Diana (or
another chosen executor), and then both Dan and the executor must make sure
that any permission given doesn't conflict with the rights of the individuals

Diana, this is how I see it from the contributor's end. How do you see it from
the editor's end?


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