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From: Dean Dibling (
Date: Mon May 28 2001 - 02:59:26 BST

Hi Brendan!

You really need to read Lila. The ideas that Pirsig starts with in Zen are
really just the beginning, in my opinion, not fully developed. I mean, there
are developed as far as they go (does that make any sense) but in Lila he
really pulls it all together. It's funny, I first read Zen in the summer of
'89 and I've read it probably once a year since then. I first read Lila a
few years later and wasn't too impressed. I bought Lila two years ago and
reread it and I suddenly saw how much more important Lila is than Zen. I
guess it was all those rereadings of Zen and pondering what he had to say
that finally caused Lila to make so much sense to me. Because, let's face
it, alot of what he says in Zen is very foriegn to us in the West. It's so
far 'off the map' that it almost sounds crazy until you've given it some
thought. Don't get me wrong, Zen is a great book, a ground-breaking book.
But what Zen begins, Lila finishes.


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