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Date: Mon May 28 2001 - 05:59:12 BST

Furthering my last post...
The idea that a person can be born into freedom I think is a growth from a gross misunderstanding of what freedom is.
As Pirsig says, freedom is escape from something negative. Expaning on this a little, freedom is growth from that of lesser Quality. And since Growth is a derivative of Quality or Action (as is stated within my MoA), it follows logically that Freedom is a derivative of Quality (or Action).
Boundries- this is what we're born with. Financial boundries, intellectual boundries, Spiritual boundries, and even biological boundries. It is the growth from these boundries that result in the Freedom of the individual. There are other boundries that we're born into. Social boundries, economic boundries, ecological boundries and the like. Freedom from these boundries result in the growth of all within the relative system.
With the achievement of growth from the first set of boundries (that of the individual) it spreads out like waves and becomes an Action in the second category of boundries.

My advocation is this:

1) The elimination of Money for the pursuit of individual freedom.
2) A change in perspective from substance as a 'product' to substance as a 'Service'.
Thus a $100 000 grand piano is in reality shiny wood and a space taker that is capable of making sound to a person who does not see service beyond this. Also, a passage by Shakespeare is merely a confusion of words to someone who is not serviced by it.

3) The viewing of 'Service' as tools not merely something to be consumed. Pirsig's ideas have transfered to me in substance as a Service. I try, and I hope all of you do the same, not to live in Pirsig's shadow but to use 'his' Services to further the exploration of the universe.

4) The understanding that Doing/Growth is the cause of Freedom. Not the other way around.
So for those of you who may think that living without Money would be either Chaos or Utopia, you've got another thing coming.

5) The pursuit of Quality

These are the things I can think of for now. I'm sure I've got more somewhere in this mess of papers.


Also, I would definitely like 'Evolution and Space-Time' to be next months topic. I've got so much to say for that and I believe that it would give me the best chance to run some important parallels of the MoQ and the MoA.

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