Re: MD Bush either you are with him or you are with the......

Date: Wed Sep 25 2002 - 22:28:56 BST

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> Hello all,
> maybe I am just ignorant or something but weren't there a few people in the
> US that voted for this man and is therefore the representation of democracy
> of the US? Shouldn't the question be;''why did all these people vote in
> favour of Bush? I think this whole dumb/smart discussion completely misses
> MOQ perspective, don't you? Shouldn't the discussion be focused at why an
> intellectual pattern(democracy) has degenerated into Bush?(ok a bit rigid,
> I'll admit) or how well Bush upholds the fundamental values of the free
> democratic world?
> Davor

Hi Davor,
The US is not democratic in any pure sense of the term.
In my view, the Bush is something of a dick.


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