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Date: Thu Oct 14 2004 - 19:50:30 BST

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    You think the Trinity isn't "everything is connected"? It's all about how
    seperate things are still the same one thing.

    Your post is so womanly. shoot, it's downright girly. I wonder why?


    >From: MarshaV <>
    >Subject: Re: MD On Faith
    >Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 02:38:07 -0400
    >Hi DM, and everyone.
    >And aren't scientists lucky? The questions is how to promote that
    >experience for everybody else.
    >And sharing the experience is also wonderful. I've been to a few all-night
    >fire/drum circles. There I had moments of the Divine and community. It
    >was truly wonderful under those stars. I suppose singing in a choir also
    >provides sharing such an experience.
    >But there are many ways to experience the Divine. My son is a firefighter
    >(third generation). One day he said to me "I love my job, I can't believe
    >I get paid to do it." That's another way to experience the Divine, through
    >work. There are probably many ways of experiencing the Divine. Being the
    >solitary-type, it's painting for me. Painting is my journey.
    >The Big Three just don't connect any more. That old-time-religion is just
    >same-old/same-old. A bunch of old-thinkers, afraid of losing their power,
    >trying to control the rest of us. I think many people experience the
    >limitations as frustrations. Many don't, but the number of those searching
    >for something more is multiplying.
    >The scientists need to speak to us, and their voices must reach us, with
    >hope. (Not the kind of hope manufactured in an ad room! ) Maybe Buddhism
    >can show the way. The trinity needs to be replaced by
    >everything-is-connected-to-everything and still maintain room to exalt the
    >individual, both man and woman. Where's John Lennon when you need him!
    >I try to.
    >At 06:12 PM 10/12/2004 +0100, you wrote:
    >>Personally I can imagine once again
    >>sharing a recognition of the divine with
    >>my fellow beings. It would need to stand in
    >>a clearer light than we now have, where
    >>the differences and compatibility between
    >>religion, science, philosophy, etc would
    >>be in great harmony. A sharing closer
    >>to knowledge than faith but full of the divine,
    >>as scientists often report as experiencing
    >>in their relationship with nature.
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