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Date: Fri Oct 15 2004 - 11:13:39 BST

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    Are you accusing me of being meek?

    I believe people should be free to choose to connect to the Divine as it
    opens to them. I do not feel good about denigrating any form of
    worship. I suspect, though, that most Muslims, Jews and Christians don't
    choose. They are indoctrinated as children by their culture. (You've got
    to be taught to hate and fear!!!) There are exceptions, but just look at
    the mess this "Christian" nation is experiencing. It is not practiced as
    if everything is connected to everything. It is not practiced as if the
    one is the many, and the many is the one. And again, in this brand new
    millennium, Christianity and the others are being used as political
    tools. Pathetic!!! Very pathetic!!!!!!!!!

    It's a new age, and a new vision, a new model is needed. I'm not sure if
    this falls within the MOQ you are discussing, but the trees have more
    intelligence than Muslims, Jews and Christians. And if it was said that
    the meek will inherit the Earth, my bet is on the trees.



    At 06:50 PM 10/14/2004 +0000, you wrote:
    >You think the Trinity isn't "everything is connected"? It's all about
    >how seperate things are still the same one thing.
    >Your post is so womanly. shoot, it's downright girly. I wonder why?

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