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Date: Fri Oct 15 2004 - 12:34:09 BST

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    I was sitting in a Cafe in Madrid in 2000. Sitting next to me was a Art
    History Professor, and we were discussing religion. My argument was that
    what was missing from Christianity was the Feminine(Maiden,
    Mother&Crone). He believed that the Feminine was present in the Catholism
    in Madrid, and all of Spain. Men and women usually worship to the female
    saints and Mary. He had me stumped. I felt he was correct, but wrong. I
    needed time to think.

    I saw the professor two days later. I told him he was correct, but there
    was something missing. The feminine in Christianity was incomplete. The
    Feminine has a Kali aspect. The stunted women in Christianity were
    allowed only to represent what men consider feminine
    "goodness". Boring!!! Boring, boring, boring!!!!! It's as bad as having
    your feet bound.


    P.S. This same professor took me to a chapel in Segovia that had
    originally been built as an initiation temple for the Knights
    Templar. After that it seemed my life began to shift. I'm not a
    scientist, but that place had big-time power.

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