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Date: Fri Oct 15 2004 - 21:40:52 BST

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    Hi All,
    > msh asks:
    > Just a general question about the limitations of human intellect,
    > addressed to anyone who wants to take a crack at it. When we say
    > that there's a point beyond which our limited human
    > intellects can't go, we don't mean that this point is fixed
    > somewhere along the continuum of possible human mental activity, do
    > we? It sems like this point gets pushed along, right along with our
    > own intellectual/biological evolution. If this is true, what reason
    > do we have to believe that human intellect is limited at all?

    No reason that I can tell. After all, many people believe science is the
    pinnacle of human intellect. But science cannot explain why matter
    organizes itself, or life reproduces itself, or mind reflects on itself.
    But along came someone by the name of Robert M. Pirsig who burst the
    limits of science's intellectual horizon and has offered a rational
    explanation for these and many other heretofore inscrutable phenomena.

    We, my friends, are at the forefront of this breakthrough. It make take a few
    centuries for others to catch up. Beyond that, who knows? But as my friend
    msh points out, why should we believe the evolution of intellect will ever stop?


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