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From: MarshaV (
Date: Fri Oct 15 2004 - 22:10:27 BST

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    Hi Chuck,

    I shared the tale of the green knight.  I didn't write it.   And I cannot speak for all women.   I only have my own perspective built by my own experiences.

    You asked why women cannot just state what they want.  That is a very complicated question.  I'll speak for me only.  I was not taught or encouraged to speak my mind, so I still find it difficult to formulate the words.  When I was young, if I asked for what I wanted, I was often told I was being selfish.  Or I heard some other remark stated to control my voice and behavior.  I already told the story of how my husband called me illogical to stifle my debate.  This culture has many ways of controlling woman.  And they work quite well to destroy their authentic voice.  After a while, you can't even remember what it is you actually do want.  That can certainly turn you into something ugly and gross.  If not overtly, than covertly. 



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