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Date: Mon Oct 18 2004 - 00:43:58 BST

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    Hi Platt

    On 15 Oct 2004 at 8:40, Platt Holden wrote:

    > Hi Horse,
    > You wrote:
    > > I am saying here that what I think will eventually change is the dominance
    > > of Materialism in Science, not that that Science will eventually explain
    > > phenomena beyond the merely physical. It might do but to say that would be
    > > faith, as you correctly point out. Once the dominance of Materialism fades,
    > > as it hopefully will, Science will need to look elsewhere for it's
    > > metaphysical underpinning. If any new foundation doesn't include an
    > > acceptance of Value (preferably in the MOQ sense) then Science will
    > > probably remain stuck at the physical level.
    > Well said! My way of expressing it is that the dominance of materialism in
    > science is a matter of faith and needs to be changed to a faith in values
    > as the underpinning for explaining observational phenomena. Quantum
    > particles appear and disappear seemingly at random because they value that
    > sort of behavior for reasons of their own.

    Fair enough. I think I have a different view of faith to you but apart from that I'm glad we

    See ya


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