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Date: Mon Oct 18 2004 - 01:10:45 BST

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    Horse <> wrote:
    Hi Erin

    On 14 Oct 2004 at 19:39, macavity11 wrote:

    > [Horse]
    > > I think so too. Materialism has been the dominant belief in Science for a long time but
    > > as Science struggles to explain phenomena beyond the merely physical this will
    > > eventually change. As with other systems though, there is still a lot of momentum to be
    > > overcome.
    > I am saying here that what I think will eventually change is the dominance of Materialism
    > in Science, not that that Science will eventually explain phenomena beyond the merely
    > physical.
    > Hi Horse,
    > Your comments did help in distinguishing the two for me and so I do see better what you are
    > saying but the two still seem to go hand in hand to me (and so still kind of seems like faith--
    > though I can see yourexperience argument better now)
    > Erin

    Well I've always maintained that I don't have sufficient knowledge to be certain of most
    things (in an absolute sense) so maybe this is a fallout from that. All I can say is that so
    far Science has been good at what it is supposed to do but how far that can go I have no
    idea. If that's what you see as faith then I can only disagree.

    See ya


    well not in that wording I don't :-)
     when you say you have no idea how far it can go it doesn't seem like faith, when you say you think it will change it does seem like faith


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