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Date: Mon Oct 18 2004 - 21:11:39 BST

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    Couldn't a non-corporal thinking entity be a mime?

    Sorry to interrupt. I was thinking about the non-corporal thinking
    entity. It seemed to fit into the category of archetypes, or mimes. And
    then couldn't it be said to have a life of its own? While I am no longer a
    Christian, and do not "believe" in the "Lord", I could accept the Lord as
    an archetype that lives through the culture. I could also accept the
    Coyote as a archetype that is native to North America.

    So, is an archetype a mime?

    Lord or Coyote? Sounds like a social thing. Sounds like static
    quality. It also maybe a conduit to reach dynamic quality. How would it
    fit on the MOQ level of things.


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