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Date: Tue Oct 19 2004 - 01:25:06 BST

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    Scott Roberts said:
    So might I speculate about non-corporeal entities (such as morphic fields),
    with Sheldrake and Wilber. Is it nuts to speculate, or are you demanding
    that we all stay faithful to modernist common sense?

    I suppose you're the least likely person in the world to find humor in my
    comments, but that's what it was. I don't sincerely doubt your sanity. And
    modernist common sense is the disease we're trying to cure around these
    parts, so that's not it either. Its just that we've been chatting for a
    while and the speculation about "non-corporeal entities" was just the straw
    that broke the camel's back. I can see that we're on different planets. From
    my perspective, you've misread everything from Plotinus to Pirsig. I think
    you've understood very little of what I've written to you. And the
    "supporting" quotes you provide invariable strike me as irrelevant, except
    when they serve to undermine your point. (The most recent Wilber quote being
    a good example.) I've lost any hope of fruitful conversation because you
    seem to see almost everything differently that I do. You're reading the same
    writers and using the same words, talking about the same ideas, but somehow
    there is an alice-in-wonderland quality to it. It seems all upside down and
    backwards to me. Its fun for a while, but now I just want to get out of the
    rabbit hole. Words like "nuts" and "crazy" fit the situation somehow, but
    your actual, literal mental health status is a matter for professionals and
    I really wouldn't know.

    Happy unbirthday,

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