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Date: Tue Oct 26 2004 - 05:29:02 BST

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    Hi Mel,

    This made me smile. :o)


    > Hello Marsha // all,
    > Borrowing from others' earlier posts as well
    > as the one below, it seems that a possible
    > point of confusion through equivocation has
    > been introduced.
    > The confusion of the statements about a
    > religion or its dogma on the one hand,
    > with the internal experience of living the
    > guided life on the other.
    > ANY religion is different on those two hands.
    > Silly, silly social teachings become embedded
    > in formal religious structures. Any true or deep
    > practitioner reaches a point where they pass
    > beyond the social formalism and into a place
    > where they learn to bite their tongue and not
    > roll their eyes at their own tradition.
    > Much as I have fun slapping social formalism
    > I would be remiss to not point beyond.
    > thanks--mel

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