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Date: Thu Oct 28 2004 - 14:32:58 BST

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    On 28 Oct 2004 at 0:46, ml wrote:

    > > BTW, science requires no apology from me or anyone else. It is an
    > > incredibly powerful and useful system of thought and investigation.
    > > Anyone who denies this is simply not paying attention to the world
    > > around them. My only quibble with science is its lack of interest
    > > in making value judgements. But that's why we have ethical
    > > philosophies like the Metaphysics of Quality.
    > >
    > mel:
    > "...lack of interest in making value judgements..."?
    > msh says:
    > Sorry. Should have said "moral" judgements. Such as, "Is it right o
    > wrong, good or bad, to build an atomic bomb?" That's why I followed up
    > with the last sentence, MOQ, and enquiry into morals.
    > Thanks for correcting me.

    Just to be clear, Pirsig unites "value" judgments with "moral" judgments.

    "The Metaphysics of Quality says that if moral judgments are essentially
    assertions of value and if value is the fundamental ground-stuff of the
    world, then moral judgments are the fundamental ground-stuff of the
    world." (Lila, 11)

    I presume this means that in the MOQ all value judgments (this is
    better/worse than that) are always "ethical" decisions for good or ill.


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