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From: Richard Loggins (
Date: Thu Oct 28 2004 - 13:44:10 BST

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    Hi Erin,
    Hey, congratulations to your Red Sox. 8 in a row is pretty impressive. It is faithful. Didn't you see all the fans in the crowd praying? I'd say coincidence is a platipus, it is one of those SOM terms that dissolves under the MoQ. It dissolves because coincidence is not real but an illusion, sometimes I forget this. The MoQ says that the basis of reality is moral, not coincidental. Anytime something appears chanceful it just means you don't understand the workings behind it. The "oops" of science, as Platt would say. Hope this helps.

    Erin <> wrote:


    I was just reading about how Stephen King's book about the Red Sox 2004 season is called Faithful, made me giggle. You never did tell me why coincidence is a platypus.


    Dear MoQers all!
    I just got this email from Erin, which is not weird
    because I get alot of email from her, but was weird
    was what she put at the bottom of her email, a P.S. Go
    Red Sox. And that is weird because I am watching the
    Red Sox on TV just as I read her mail. They are even
    batting! It may have been a random (ha, maybe no)
    thing and I might ask her how she knew. And even more
    coincidental is that the rest of her email is about
    coincidences. How is that for a coincidence? As to her
    question, I think the MOQ dissolves the problem of
    coincidences as coincidences are just another

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