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From: Erin (
Date: Thu Oct 28 2004 - 05:52:08 BST

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    I was just reading about how Stephen King's book about the Red Sox 2004 season is called Faithful, made me giggle. You never did tell me why coincidence is a platypus.


    Dear MoQers all!
    I just got this email from Erin, which is not weird
    because I get alot of email from her, but was weird
    was what she put at the bottom of her email, a P.S. Go
    Red Sox. And that is weird because I am watching the
    Red Sox on TV just as I read her mail. They are even
    batting! It may have been a random (ha, maybe no)
    thing and I might ask her how she knew. And even more
    coincidental is that the rest of her email is about
    coincidences. How is that for a coincidence? As to her
    question, I think the MOQ dissolves the problem of
    coincidences as coincidences are just another

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