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Date: Thu Oct 28 2004 - 15:59:46 BST

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    At 08:44 AM 10/28/2004, you wrote:
    >Hi Erin,
    >Hey, congratulations to your Red Sox. 8 in a row is pretty impressive. It
    >is faithful. Didn't you see all the fans in the crowd praying?

    There were no doubt Cardinals fans praying too? Are you suggesting that god
    favored the Sox? This reminds me of Jon Stewart's witful observation that
    when athletes "hit a home run" they always "point up". But when the commit
    an error, or strike out, "why don't they point up then?" Or even point down??

    Perhaps the headline in St. Louis today should run, "God Deems Cardinals
    Unworthy of World Series Win, Decides Sox More Faithful".

    Now if we could only get god off sports betting for a while, to look at
    other important global matters...



    > I'd say coincidence is a platipus, it is one of those SOM terms that
    > dissolves under the MoQ. It dissolves because coincidence is not real but
    > an illusion, sometimes I forget this. The MoQ says that the basis of
    > reality is moral, not coincidental. Anytime something appears chanceful
    > it just means you don't understand the workings behind it. The "oops" of
    > science, as Platt would say. Hope this helps.

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