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Date: Wed Dec 01 2004 - 18:49:14 GMT

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    That the MOQ does not encompass contradictory identity, there is this:
    "This solution is to dissolve *all* static patterns, both sane and insane,
    and find the base of reality, Dynamic Quality, that is independent of all
    of them." (Ch. 30). If somewhere in Lila or elsewhere there was something
    along the lines of "DQ is not other than SQ, SQ is not other than DQ", that
    would be a different story. But there isn't.

    As to calling what I said "gibberish", well, I said it was difficult. Your
    assumption that that which you do not understand must be gibberish is, of
    course, just your assumption.

    - Scott

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    > From: David Buchanan <>
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    > Date: 11/28/2004 2:02:13 PM
    > Subject: RE: MD New Level of Thinking
    > Scott, Steve, Chin all MOQers:
    > Scott said to Steve:
    > My view, which differs from the MOQ, is that DQ is never independent of
    > Rather, DQ and SQ always exist only insofar as they oppose each other as
    > they constitute each other, that is, they follow the form of contrdictory
    > identities. And so I reject the concept of "pure experience". All
    > experience is always a DQ/SQ opposition, which is best exemplified by our
    > experience of intellect.
    > dmb says:
    > Well, you don't really reject the concept of "pure experience" so much as
    > misunderstand it. And I'm fairly certain that you've misunderstood the
    > concept of contradictory identity, the nature of the static/Dynamic split
    > and just about everything else you get your hands on. Once again you have
    > imported a concept that only illuminates the MOQ and you have construed it
    > as a something opposed to it. Its not fair of me to say all that without
    > least making a specific case, which I could certainly make, but this
    > constant confusion has sucked the gumption right out of me....
    > Scott said to Chin:
    > It is confusing, so don't worry if it's hard to grasp. The self changes,
    > also does not change. If it didn't change, there would be no experience.
    > it only changed, there would be no awareness. There must be continuity
    > during a change for there to be awareness of change. Now if we look to see
    > what stays the same during change, we won't find anything. It is the
    > that doesn't change. So the philosophical problem is: how does "looking"
    > into a world where everything changes?
    > dmb says:
    > Hard to grasp? I was going to write to you privately, Scott, but this one
    > was the clincher for me. When I saw you strike this deep-guy pose so
    > condescendingly, I knew it was time to bite my tongue no longer. What you
    > say is confusing NOT because its too deep or profound for Chin to grasp,
    > because what you say is confusing. Its nonsense. Gibberish. You're
    > hopelessly confused and most of what you write is entirely misleading with
    > respect to the MOQ and the thinkers you bring to the table. And that's why
    > I'm not saying this privately. Its not that I want to hurt your feeling or
    > make you look bad in front of others. That's just an unforunate
    > of my aim, which is to protect the readers. I honestly think it needs to
    > said out loud, that a warning needs to be shouted to the roof tops! I'm
    > sincerely concerned that your nonsense is destructive and misleading and
    > that anyone who follows you is doomed to get lost.
    > I don't feel good about it, dear reader, but I think Scott doesn't know
    > he's talking about and confusion is the most reasonable response to his
    > assertions.
    > Sincere regrets,
    > dmb
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