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Date: Wed Dec 01 2004 - 19:55:25 GMT

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    My purpose
    I do have a purpose corresponding on the board.
    In short it's to establish in my own small (but grandiose) way, MoQ as a
    useful basis from which to synthesise a better world.
    What I find an unexpected amount of time doing is defending it from
    absolutists of one kind or another, whereas I had expected to be amongst MoQ
    friends with similar aspirations to build on it rather than undermine and
    knock it down.

    My last word (in terms of bothering to argue with you in particular)
    You cite a large RMP quote presumably to demonstrate to me that he was no
    pragmatist - though god knows why you would want to do that. In that massive
    quote it is the idea of "satisfaction ALONE" (ie in the absence of the MoQ)
    that is dangerous.

    Where I come from any one thing alone is a dangerous thing.
    Any binary debates between any two things alone is a dangerous thing.

    Whether you (or he) like the label "pragmatist" he is pragmatic, and he is
    also synthetic - building something more that the sum of the parts at his
    disposal. I don't want to argue the label - just agree that it is useful to
    be constructive.

    Its more constructive to ask questions that have useful answers, than to
    constantly ask the unanswerable.

    Now. Your purpose ?


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    > Aaaggghhh. What is your purpose in responding to my posts, Ian?
    > > Q Why XYZ ?
    > > A There is no "purpose" why anything, so why (rhetorically) keep asking
    > > damn question.
    > I see. You had no purpose. Just filling time.
    > > Q Could you explain how XYZ ?
    > > A Certainly, I'm glad you asked me that, that's a useful question (I'm a
    > > pragmatist like that RMP fella, you may have heard of him)I'm not sure
    if I
    > > know the whole story, but IMHO FWIW it's like this ... What do you think
    > > Etc.
    > RMP a pragmatist? Ponder the following:
    > "But the Metaphysics of Quality states that practicality is a social
    > pattern of good. It is immoral for truth to be subordinated to social
    > values since that is a lower form of evolution devouring a higher one. The
    > idea that satisfaction alone is the test of anything is very dangerous,
    > according to the Metaphysics of Quality. There are different kinds of
    > satisfaction and some of them are moral nightmares. The Holocaust produced
    > a satisfaction among Nazis. That was quality for them. They considered it
    > to be practical. But it was a quality dictated by low level static social
    > and biological patterns whose overall purpose was to retard the evolution
    > of truth and. Dynamic Quality." (Lila, 29)
    > But, why quote Pirsig? You're happy believing he's a pragmatist. So be it.
    > Far be it for me to question your comfortable convictions.
    > Platt
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