Re: Anti-Theism (was MD Is Morality Relative?)

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Date: Sat Dec 04 2004 - 08:11:04 GMT

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    Ah! I misunderstood you. Yes, of course the love of God is a danger to this country. Yes indeed.


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    > Interesting Sam,
    > We do all indeed read through our own prejudices (or schemata) It probably
    > shows (as Ant McWatt previously noted), that Bill Hicks made interesting
    > philosophical reading / listening / watching.
    > Certainly the passage you quoted is identical bar the odd word to the
    > transcript of Rant in E-Minor (I've just checked.)
    > The next line is as I said, though the paragraph after that goes on to
    > complain that the Love of God viewpoint gets in the way of good solid
    > national government policies based on fear and WMD (10 years before WMD was
    > coined BTW). Either way he is being ironic.
    > Anyway comedy is nothing if not ambiguous.
    > Ian

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