Re: MD Is Morality Relative?

From: Horse (
Date: Mon Dec 06 2004 - 01:46:43 GMT

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    Hi Erin

    On 4 Dec 2004 at 15:51, Erin wrote:

    > Although it is exciting to think that maybe contextualism allows a structure that
    > MOQers can agree on, a good middle ground (it is probably the first label I feel
    > comfortable giving full acceptance to---finally know what to call myself hee hee).
    > I wonder if this agreement will lead to some consensus in this group or if this
    > will be ignored and the relativistic-absolutistic cat and dog fight will continue :-)
    > First maybe I should ask, is there anybody that disagrees with the contextualist argument?

    Having been an advocate of context and moral judgements in the MoQ pretty much
    since this list started way back when, I'm glad to see that it has arisen again.

    Could I ask you to be a bit more specific about what you mean by the 'contextualist
    argument'. An earlyish post of mine gives one definition of contextualism ( ) but this may not be what
    you mean.



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