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Date: Mon Dec 06 2004 - 02:59:29 GMT

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    Scott Roberts asked:
    Where's the identity? I see nothing of the form: Big self (or DQ) is not
    other than small self (or SQ), small self is not other than big self. Where
    is a formulation like: the self is the contradictory identity of DQ and SQ?
    Instead, the MOQ says that the self is just SQ, but then there is also this
    big self, which is DQ.

    dmb says:
    As I understand it, this is the problem. Unless an idea is expressed in
    exactly the same terms, with exactly the same metaphors, you are unable to
    recognize it. Why is it not enough that static and dynamic are contradictory
    terms and together they both constitute our identity. It simply isn't
    reasonable to expect anything more than a description of the same idea in
    his own terms. And I hardly think Kitaro is the last word in Buddhism. In
    fact, he was followed in the Kyoto school by even more impressive figures.

    Scott said:
    You keep making your points by dishing out Mysticism 101 stuff. The
    "big/small self" distinction is ok to start with, but on further critique
    is found wanting. Also, you seem to believe that there is but one
    philosophical mysticism. A first exploration of Buddhism will find this
    kind of "big self/small self" and "pure experience" talk. It's still too
    dualistic. A deeper one will find something more like the later Nishida.

    dmb says:
    yes, I keep dishing out mysticism 101 because you seem to need it. And I
    don't think there is only one kind of mysticism or mystical experience. I'd
    be happy to relate a great deal of info on that matter, but it really seems
    to me that you're confused about the basics and so I've been focused on
    that. You deny the very basics that define philosophical mysticism and
    otherwise confuse the matter. That's why the deep-guy pose offended me so
    much. It doesn't help.

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