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    Judging form the state of things,
    a book on the metaphysics of
    Crap might just sell...

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      What is Quality distinguished from, Crap?
      ( seriously, I see the discriminations within Quality but not clear about the discrimination of Quality as a whole)
       I wasn't even aware that was a scientific principle, it wasn't what was bothering me about science.


          dmb says:
          Maybe somebody can help becasue I don't recall where it comes from, but I think Pirsig said the MOQ accepts the scientific principle which says, "that which cannot be distinguished from anythng else does not exist" and adds that value is the same way. It says "that which is not valued is not distinguishable from anything else". This is how value becomes the source of all distinctions, this is better than that a gazillion times until patterns are built up to become the world of distinquishable things, empirical things. The world is built of these distinctions, these values so that we get a radical, expanded empriicism. And these "contsructions" are sort of epistemology and ontology at the same time. We are created by these patterns of likes and dislikes, in some sense, and yet these patterns of distinctions are still considered to be as real as rocks and trees.

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