Re: MD Is Morality Relative?

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Date: Mon Dec 06 2004 - 15:20:22 GMT

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    > msh says:
    > It's not to me, and never has been. I do recall, however, exchanging a few
    > posts with you, several months back, where you spent some time arguing that
    > there is no such thing as absolute truth.

    Refresh my memory, something like "pictures in a gallery" perhaps, or
    maybe "truth is a high quality intellectual pattern."?

    > My arguments in return were very similar, in some cases identical, to what
    > you are now trying to explain to Erin. So, my friend, I'm happy to say you
    > have come a long way, and I'm thrilled to have accelerated your
    > epistemological journey. Where do I send the bill? :-)

    I'm glad you have finally come around to my way of thinking. Now, if only I
    could convince you free markets are better than socialism.

    > Some more absolutely true statements:
    > 1) The universe may or may not be deterministic, but no one who wears a
    > seat belt believes that it is.
    > 2) There may or may not be absolute truth, but anyone who tries to
    > explain that there isn't, doesn't believe what he is saying.

    No 2. is beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Reminds me of Roger Scruton's
    quote that I've used before in this forum (so long ago I've forgotten
    when): "A man who tells you truth doesn't exist is asking you not to
    believe him. So don't."


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