Re: MD Is Morality Relative?

From: Mark Steven Heyman (
Date: Mon Dec 06 2004 - 17:26:13 GMT

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    Platt, Steve...

    Oops, I sent the last response before addressing all the issues.
    Here's what's missing...

    steve to platt:
    I brought up this issue, because it concerns the issue of
    homosexuality. People opposed to gay rights often claim to hate the
    sin and not the sinner. In other words, they consider the homosexual
    act itself to be simply wrong. Is this your view?

    platt to steve:
    No. But, some of the behaviors leading to the act I consider wrong
    such as soliciting innocents to participate in the act.

    msh butted it:
    The solicitation of innocents is not limited to homosexual behavior.
    This is an example of Platteral Shift.

    "But" is not a shift. It's a qualification and/or additional comment.

    msh says:
    So you are not suggesting that homosexual behavior is wrong because
    some homosexuals solicit innocents. Just as heterosexual behavior is
    not wrong because some heterosexuals do the same thing. It's the
    sexual soliciting of innocents that's wrong, yes?

    Thanks again..
    Mark Steven Heyman (msh)

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