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Date: Thu Dec 09 2004 - 16:07:42 GMT

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    MarshaV said:

    "What I read in ZMM and Lila, was a new perspective. Quality! Wow!!!
    Reading ZMM made me want to experience the wind in my face, and quality in my

    But what is this? Here the same old questions are rehashed, over and over
    and over, again. Can something new and different be discussed? How does one
    choose a higher quality of life for themselves. How does one live as an
    example for others? What high quality action can be taken to move our society
    in a more high quality direction?

    And how about some givens. Like theism is out. Buddhism is open to further
     investigation. You name them, based on Mr. Pirsig's books of course."


    Marsha and all,

        As I have greatly enjoyed these postings and, more to the point,
    learning so many things from all of you "highly intellectual" people (and I'll use
    that term loosely!!! - HA!)) I do feel that the topic should progress.
        Then again, thinking about what everyone has posted makes me come back
    to one big circle on a different plane, if that makes any sense. When you
    stated that the same topics are rehashed over and over I find that the reason
    they are rehashed is because there's never a solidified answer!
        Before reading ZMM I could have cared less about philosophy. Now, it's
    changed my life. But I am constantly driven to "get" an answer and there never
    seems to be. The more you think you have the answer a little question pops
    into your head that creates 1,000 new questions!!! It is literally quite
    maddening at times. Scary almost.
        Anyway, I am not an intellectual, as I have stated on a post or two
    before. (maybe someday!!!) But I will throw an answer to your questions out in my
    "simple-minded terms".
    1) A higher quality of life - shouldn't that be finding that DQ in
    everything we do? For example, I have discovered that my Catholic faith has dissipated
    and my "God" is now a "warm summer day on a motorcycle". NOT a motorcycle
    itself, but the ride and what it does for my mind. So, the "ride" is actually a
    static pattern but what the ride produces (happy, confident good-feeling
    thoughts) is the DQ. Am I right about this?
    2) Living as an example for others - are we supposed to do this? I mean,
    isn't it the individual who finds someone else to be labeled as a "Good
    example"? For them?
    3) High Quality action that moves our society into a Quality direction...I
    feel that, whether you think capitalism, communism, ...ism, it's almost
    useless. "Our" society (USA) is, if anything, a "selfish" society. We preach
    religion and morals yet we (majority?) live to make more money and have more
    things. I think the USA hides behind the premise that we are the most giving
    nation. Maybe that's true, financially. But, as discussed above, my Christian faith
    began to dissolve when a perfectly ample church "had to have" a $1 million
    revamp because during the Christmas masses there were too many people to fit
    in the church, thus they had to share masses in the school gym. Doesn't the
    bible talk of Jesus having masses in a cave?
        Point being - I don't believe that our society is moving in a quality
    direction, that if you mean it as helping your fellow man. There are too many
    wants as opposed to needs. Top that off with our constant "We'll tell you
    what's better for you" attitude, along with the all too present "Keeping up with
    the Jones'" view we can only find Quality in material objects.
    Your thoughts?

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