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Date: Fri Dec 03 2004 - 01:50:37 GMT

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    Hi Ham,
    From your paper, I find that you had not quite yet understood MOQ, as
    Quality and Value are interchangeable in Pirsig's view.
    What you are saying about bringing Value out of life-experience is what he
    considers 'Dynamic Quality' which is interchangeable with 'Quality Event' or
    'Quality Experience'.
    Quality is also interchangeable with 'Nothingness', Oneness, Source, Being,
    and Absolute. He dismisses calling Quality God or Allah as both are associated
     with religions that have used God and Allah for destructive purposes. These
    destructive events have been qualified by the use of 'The Word' in these
    In your "Highly condensed abstract," I feel you have missed the basics of
    MOQ is based on the four levels of inorganic patterns, biological patterns,
    social patterns, and the intellect. His Quality exists before, after, and
    within these patterns.
    Quality is exactly 'Value', and this Value replaces the void of the
    beginning Object which is diminished in Bohr's representation of the Quantum Physics
    Inorganic and biological are objective, and social and intellect are
    subjective. Intellect he holds at the highest level, but also realized that this
    highest level can lend itself to low Quality reality as well. The social
    patterns take longer to realize Quality, but they also are less subject to create
    low Quality, as these patterns are pretty much static, and it may take much
    longer for the social patterns to change due to Quality events or experiences.
    Is this how you now understand his MOQ?
    I stopped reading to make these points. As I stated, what you are saying is
    making a bit more sense now that I have read up to this point (actually a
    little before it).
    I'm thinking you may have taken William James a bit our of context as well,
    but that would be a discussion for another thread.
    I'll read the rest of it another time, and try to offer agreement/critisism
    on your overall thoughts.

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