RE: MD Mysticism or Cosmic Debris?

From: Mark Steven Heyman (
Date: Sun Dec 19 2004 - 20:11:24 GMT

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    Hi dmb and Sam,

    Well I'm relieved that you didn't take me too seriously. I think we
    need to invent an emoticon for deliberately incendiary speech. As I
    said to Sam, I'm just causing trouble. I could have left out the DMB
    and Sam references, I suppose, and would have if I'd thought you guys
    would be at all insulted. I was just trying to add a little personal
    poke. I'm well aware that neither of your positions are anywhere
    near as simpleminded as I suggest. Sorry I didn't make my teasing
    tone a little clearer.

    I did get some great responses from both of you, and from others, so
    maybe all was not for nought. :-)

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