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Date: Sat Dec 25 2004 - 02:47:33 GMT

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    I've been thinking some about this. This is where my problem comes with
    denying a religion, even if the religion is suppressive/exclusive. You don't
    change a view by telling the viewer they are wrong. You change the view by
    offering a better view; showing how a higher Quality view is better.

    Also, for this dynamic/static morality to work, the DQ must have SQ to latch
    to. The DQ attaches to the SQ intellectual patterns, which attaches to the
    intellectual/social patterns to create a higher Quality society. The DQ
    attaches to the SQ social patterns, which attaches to the social/biological
    patterns to create a higher Quality biological patterns. Higher Quality
    biological patterns are the secret to higher Quality social patterns as much
    so as higher Quality intellectual patterns.

    From Lila;
    "Strictly speaking, the creation of metaphysics is an immoral act since it's
    a lower level form of evolution, intellect, trying to devour a higher mystic

    Is denying the existence of God a way to show the suppressive/exclusive
    religious people a higher Quality view? If you take the religions of the
    world, the religions that were separated by the "Tower of Babel" which is
    included in their religions, and one-by-one, tell them they are all wrong --
    only the intellectual view is right -- how capable are you of creating a
    higher Quality global society?

    It would seem to me the answer lies more not with whether or not morality is
    relative, but 'The Good' is relative. There is no need to deny God, but
    simply look at God as God, Jesus, and the Holly Ghost all wrapped up into
    one, which I believe a study of the Bible will show. The Good is no more
    than the new Christian fad phrase of "What would Jesus do?"

    This phrase shows the confusion Christians in America are feeling. It is no
    longer a Christian persecution of other religions, but a persecution of the
    Christian religion in America that is the truth of the day. It is coming to
    a point where even the word Christ, such as in 'Xmas' is being suppressed;
    no reference to Christian beliefs are allowed in public places.

    The US was built on Christian faith. It has been an exclusive faith, and
    still is, but it is the religion of the US.

    It would seem to me that this is too strong a social pattern, SQ pattern, to
    simply destroy and expect a country to survive. It might make for a good
    scientific experiment, but maybe not so for the world's leading financial
    power; where the US goes, the world will follow; at least for a while.

    DQ is the answer, but this DQ should be allowed to build upon the static
    patterns, and as for a solitary man, the mastering of the static patterns is
    required, so would hold true for a society(?) In order to experience DQ it
    is more a matter of DQ complimenting the SQ, as opposed to DQ in conflict
    with SQ(?)


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