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Date: Thu Feb 06 2003 - 16:18:35 GMT

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    That's exactly how I feel.


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    > Dear Horse,
    > I am extremely grateful for all the work you do to hold the MoQ site and
    > discussion groups together.
    > I also recognise that you are exposed to an unfair share of abuse, and
    > can only imagine the discomfort this must cause.
    > However, I am disappointed in the way you have chosen to handle Glenn
    > and Struan's criticism.
    > I appeal to you - PLEASE RISE ABOVE IT.
    > I ask you to please not unsubscribe Glenn, and please revoke your
    > previous decision to expel Struan.
    > I don't think that censoring them is in any way constructive.
    > If you let both Glenn and Struan keep contributing, you will probably
    > expose yourself to more childish abuse, but you will surely gain in
    > terms of respect and support from the membership, myself included.
    > Respectfully yours,
    > Jonathan

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