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Date: Tue May 10 2005 - 15:31:15 BST

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    > In closing, I want to say to all you Randians out there, that if you
    > really believe you are self-reliant people completely independent of
    > others, unless you live alone on the Alaskan frontier or somewhere,
    > killing moose with rocks and melting snow for water, you are sadly
    > self-deluded.

    Randians claim self-reliance, but not complete independence from others. In
    the Randian world, men deal with other men freely as traders, using money as
    their means of non-sacrificial valuation in a transaction in which both parties
    win. The alternative is the muzzle of a gun.

    > You use public roads and transportation, you use
    > public schools and parks and libraries and museums; you rely on fire
    > departments, police departments, emergency medical services; you use sewage
    > systems, water, power, post offices; you rely on countless products created
    > by others, the R&D and other expenses for many of them subsidized by public
    > funds; you count on others for your food supply.... books, entertainment,
    > conversation and company...yada, yada, yada.

    You obviously forgot or never realized that all the goods ever produced and all
    the wealth ever created that makes it possible for governments to build libraries
    and museums and pay firemen and policemen comes from the minds of
    individuals orchestrating productive work. Furthermore, you bundled taxpayer
    -funded products with those provided by the free market as if there was no
    difference between the power of free men engaging in free trade and the power
    of government coercion. Finally, you have tried to associate yourself with
    some ideal "fully-realized" person who preaches about "our common humanity,"
    yet when push comes to shove you refer to "all you Randians out there" as if
    they were a separate species.

    Oh well. It comes as no surprise that the leftist mind comes with a built in
    set of hilarious contradictions.


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