Re: MD The Carousel of Faux Philosophy

From: Platt Holden (
Date: Tue May 24 2005 - 21:10:27 BST

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    MSH writes:
    > The "quotes" were not attributed to anyone, but were clearly marked
    > as examples of a very common type of exchange, as any careful reader
    > will see for himself.

    Quotes not attributed to anyone? I didn't know a phantom was a regular
    MD contributor.

    > TFP's response is an irrelevant diversion to the issue at hand,
    > another variation of the Platteral Shift. Plenty of real quotes have been
    > presented, clearly establishing unsupported slander of Chomsky, Moyers,
    > Zinn, and Amnesty International.

    I still await evidence for your slander that "Some members inject vile
    dogma into this forum." (Not an exact quote, but under MSH's new rules it
    makes no difference.)
    > Until those statements are retracted or defended with evidence and
    > argument, there will be no escape from the Carousel of Faux
    > Philosophy.

    Hop on. You might learn the difference between true and false, especially
    when it comes to quotes.



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