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Date: Sun Feb 09 2003 - 23:33:50 GMT

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    Matt said:
    in a single pattern of beliefs that we might call a "person," they might
    have one
    woven pattern that answers questions about reality and about justice. Rorty
    suggests that for practical purposes, we keep patterns about reality and
    patterns about justice separate.

    Joao said:
    I guess Pirsig wouldn't agree with that. The separations that make sense are
    between different individuals' or social groups' visions. Not between
    concepts like reality and justice in a single individual. Individual
    intellectual patterns arise from different social level experience. They are
    inherently separated. But reality and justice are concepts that any
    individual possesses. Its up to each one to keep them separated or to
    integrate them holistically. Zen masters prefer the holistic aproach.
    Western scientists prefer the separated views.

    I think you are right here. I think Pirsig is in the business of holding
    reality and justice in a single vision.

    To punch up why I follow Rorty in suggesting that, as a practical
    consideration, we keep reality and justice separate when doing politics,
    Zen masters and Nazis prefer the holistic approach and Western scientists
    and citizens of democratic states prefer to seperate them.


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