RE: MD NAZIs and Pragmatism

From: André (
Date: Tue Feb 11 2003 - 23:56:06 GMT

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    Lets blow up the Iragis. Lets protect the Iraqis. Lets
    do both. Lets do neither. Reason is a waste of time.
    The Taoist perspective.


     --- Kevin <> wrote: > Erin says:
    > ROTFLMAO. Until hearing the call to action, it
    > never occurred to me to
    > participate in such activities lol. How is talking
    > about metaphysics
    > here interfering with these actions? So the "call
    > for action" hype is
    > about doing these kind of things? Where does
    > metaphysics lead
    > you off the path of "learning to tap dance" AKA
    > the road less travelled.
    > I was imagining something bigger or something
    > thats not already being done I guess.
    > So basically this "call for action" lecture
    > boils down to keep on doing what you do?
    > P.S. Was that offer to mow your lawn sincere or
    > are you a big tease?
    > I always felt I could make a difference
    > in the world if I could just have access
    > Kevin's riding lawn mower either..
    > I want to do it the hard way to symbolically
    > represent the struggles of modern day
    > yard owners.
    > Kevin:
    > Glad you caught the humor that was intended. And
    > yes, I think mowing my
    > lawn would do you wonders:D
    > My list contains self-improvement projects and
    > public-improvement
    > projects. For self-improvement, you can simply keep
    > doing what you're
    > doing if that is making you happy.
    > For public-improvement, the point is that agreement
    > over metaphysics
    > isn't necessary for success. More to the point,
    > insisting on a
    > metaphysical foundation on which to construct our
    > public goals would
    > probably be disastrously counter-productive.
    > We don't need to agree on a defintion of God or
    > Quality or even the
    > purpose of life in order to cooperate and find
    > agreement for what's the
    > best way to run our national economy or how to fund
    > public education.
    > Oh, and once you're done with the lawn, please do
    > stop by the house for
    > some ice cold lemonade and recreational metaphysical
    > debate:D
    > I can't tap dance,
    > Kevin
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