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Date: Thu Feb 27 2003 - 19:45:32 GMT

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    >I don't think DQ is indifferent. Sounds too much like science's view
    >that the world was created without purpose and operates largely out of
    >"contingency" or chance. (The philosophy of "oops.") "In your service,
    >perfect freedom" doesn't mean "In your service, chaos." It means bodily
    >release and unity with the universe, as one feels when contemplating

    The static patterns that DQ has created and then follows are certainly not
    indifferent, they are patterned and should do what they should do. But DQ
    is in service to them indifferently. Whatever the expectations are, DQ's
    purpose is to make them real. WE set the goal, after having our idea of the
    goal set by morality. I just don't like the idea of DQ having a preference
    out in front of the present, trying to pull morality toward it like a
    beacon, separate from whatever patterns happen to already exist. I think it
    is where the existing patterns push it, where they come together to make
    coherent sense (as we expect reality to) and the 'good' is expectation being
    realized, things doing what they should.

    If the world is constantly being created according to morality, the
    expectations of human observors, then the purpose is what we expect it to
    be, what we think is beautiful.

    Johnny M.

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