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Date: Fri Feb 28 2003 - 19:36:56 GMT

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    If you start out with the basis of a subject that stands seperate you will
    get trapped, if you consider the intellectual level as the starting point
    the problem of the subject evaporates. It is not that minds(in the
    traditional sense as you copmprehend and use it) both have an intellectual
    level, but part of the intellectual level consists of two minds
    participating in it. The intellectual level has you!

    More specifically, Quality has you.
    The intellectual level is patterned, and as such permeates all patterns
    capable of responding intellectually. There is a 'community' of
    intellectually connected patterns of which individuals may be described as
    'nodes' responding to high Quality stimulus?
    Today is the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the DNA double helix. The
    double helix is simple, elegant, beautiful - highest quality biological
    patterning. In my view, there is a corresponding non-substantial structure
    mediating the transmission of cultural and intellectual memes that may be of
    use in expressing the levels of static quality as conceptualised in the MoQ.

    Davor, of course the intellectual level "has" both minds. My point was that
    it is fundamentally disperse. Can you elaborate on the trap you are talking
    about? Following, Squonk, the intellectual level would be a group of
    connected nodes. Like neurons in a brain, I guess. (the brain is a society
    of neurons?) What about the nature of their interaction? You don't agree
    that the communication is a social level pattern. Why? A culture is a social
    pattern of value, and if you conceive a culture within a small group, it is
    still a social pattern of value. Can we think of language as social
    conventions? Then, the "nodes" of the intellectual level use social patterns
    to interact.

    What you call intellectual level for me is social. Only our thoughts are
    intellectual. And these are private.

    Thanks for your comments

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