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From: Dan Glover (
Date: Sat Apr 05 2003 - 21:09:45 BST

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    Hello everyone

    >From: "Elizaphanian" <>
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    >Subject: Re: MD Philosophy and Theology
    >Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2003 22:46:07 +0100
    >Hi Steve,
    >Inappropriate? Heck, I've been open about just about everything else to do
    >with theology, why shouldn't I answer that? I don't think I have been asked
    >before, by the way.
    >Short answer is yes. Long answer would have lots of quibbles about how to
    >unpack the word 'God', but that [whatever 'God' refers to] is personal I
    >would affirm. It's the difference between prayer and meditation.

    Hi Sam and Steve

    Though I am by no means an expert I've practiced various meditations off and
    on for nearly thirty years. About seven years ago I took up daily practice
    of zazen, which is sometimes confused with meditation. The way I understand
    it now (though I feel the use of the word "understand" intellectually usurps
    a Dynamic understanding which cannot be pointed to), zazen involves the
    dropping of all prentense; and I now understand all form of meditations to
    be prayers -- instilling images. If you care to share, I would be interested
    in knowing how prayer and meditation are different for you.

    Thank you


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