Re: MD Undeniable Facts

From: Matthew Stone (
Date: Thu Apr 10 2003 - 14:47:23 BST

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    What if I did deny them? Are you saying I can't deny
    them, or that I shouldn't deny them because I'd be
    wrong? What if some of the words you used mean
    different things to me than they do to you? What if
    some of the imagary and context I use to give meaning
    to those sentences is different to yours? What if I'm
    homosemantic or mad? What if I see the progression of
    logic and science from the outside rather than the
    inside, and see it's discontinuity and uncertainty?

    You have appropriated some basic knowledge about what
    reality is, and then challenged us to challenge you.
    But any knowledge of the context of how our thought
    and knowledge is built, the mesh of signs and signals
    that evolve and confer meaning, and the contingency
    therein, would show you to be undeniably wrong. :)

    Matt S

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