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From: Platt Holden (
Date: Thu Apr 17 2003 - 16:40:26 BST

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    Hi Johnny:

    > This is what I would deny. It may seem like you've completely taken off
    > static glasses and seen reality or DQ, but that's just different static
    > patterns, you're experiencing things culled from a venerable static history
    > of 'mystical experiences' that happens to people sometimes, especially
    > after taking peyote, etc. Sure, you can shed a lot of your stuck patterns,
    > and that transcendence or openness to new understanding is valuable, but it
    > is only transcending to a different static understanding. One with no
    > "self sense", perhaps, but still just as much self.
    Someday you may have a DQ experience and then you'll know what
    Pirsig is talking about. Until then, you can't legitimately deny it. You
    know the story of the four blind men and the elephant?

    > And not only would I deny that static glasses can ever be taken off, but I
    > deny that there is anything that could even be seen without glasses.
    > Static glasses (the static patterns that we personally experienced) and
    > contexts aren't merely something that gets in the way and distort reality,
    > I think they are what cause reality to come into being. Keep in mind that
    > our glasses are just a small part of a huge set of shared primary static
    > patterns and a whole lot of context, that's why we don't all create
    > radically separate realities, or rather, why the separate realities that we
    > do all create are in agreement most of the time.

    Undeniable Fact: We all see similar realities because we were all by
    reality created.


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