Re: MD Metaphysics of Quality: An oxymoron?

From: Wim Nusselder (
Date: Thu Apr 17 2003 - 21:29:37 BST

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    Dear Paul,

    You asked 17 Apr 2003 17:46:51 +0100:
    'Is it possible to move beyond 'thinking' from within a Metaphysics and from
    memory to a more dynamic form of

    Yes, by practicing mystical religion or art. Both are suggested as such by
    Pirsig in 'Lila'.
    See for instance chapter 5, where he discusses mysticism's objections to
    Or chapter 9: 'mystic learning ... tries to hold to the ongoing Dynamic edge
    of all experience, both positive and negative, even the Dynamic ongoing edge
    of thought itself' and 'The purpose of mystic meditation is not to remove
    oneself from experience but to bring one's self closer to it by eliminating
    stale, confusing, static, intellectual attachments of the past.'
    In chapter 13: 'there's a fourth Dynamic morality which isn't a code. He
    supposed you could call it a "code of Art" or something like that'.
    And in chapter 30: 'The Metaphysics of Quality identifies religious
    mysticism with Dynamic Quality.'

    But ... describing ways to move to more dynamic intelligence requires ...
    thinking from within a metaphysics and referring to memory of past
    experience of dynamic intelligence.

    With friendly greetings,


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