MD Barfield's version of the third and fourth levels

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Date: Sat Apr 19 2003 - 04:59:43 BST

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    You wrote 17 Mar 2003:
    My position is that Barfield has a much more thorough analysis of the
    difference between what Pirsig calls the social and intellectual levels than
    Pirsig does, and that without this analysis one cannot fully understand it.
    Hence the debates on this forum on what the intellectual level is. As I
    said, Barfield nailed this, while Pirsig is less definitive.

    dmb asks:
    Please, give us some details. Give us quotes, explanations, and comparisons.
    Please. I'm convinced that most of what Pirsig says can be investigated in
    greater detail elsewhere. Bringing this detail into the discussion not only
    offers of kind of confirmation or verification, but also provides a fuller,
    richer picture of the MOQ. Bust up, dude. Throw some cash in the hate.

    Thanks in advance.

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