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From: Steve Peterson (
Date: Sat Apr 19 2003 - 22:48:12 BST

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    Hi Sam, all,

    New issues are emerging that relate to this thread. Now that Hussein is
    gone, what can America and the international community do to promote a new
    government in Iraq that provides for the needs of its people and
    intellectual freedom?

    My previous comments to Sam in this thread suggested that the government
    that best supports intellectual freedom will be the best, period--with no
    other consideration for the health of the biological and social levels. I
    also suggested that democracy would happen if it was allowed to happen. Not
    only would it be moral to impose democracy, it would not need to be imposed.
    The dynamism of democracy is such that it would emerge naturally under the
    right conditions. I am afraid I may have been wrong all the way.

    I now am beginning to see a possible fundamental error in my thinking and in
    the thinking motivating the actions of the American government. The news I
    have been hearing about the return of Muslim religious leaders seeking a
    return to power and my reading of Wilber and his integral approach to such
    situations suggests to me that some people and some groups of people are not
    ready for democracy. Their individual levels of consciousness and the
    group's worldview may not have yet evolved to the point that makes the
    natural emergence of democracy possible.



    Platt quoted chapter 24 of "Lila":
    > "And this is a war in which intellect, to end the paralysis of society, has
    > to know whose side it is on, and support that side, never undercut it.
    > Where biological values are undermining social values, intellectuals
    > must identify social behavior, no matter what its ethnic connection, and
    > support it all the way without restraint. Intellectuals must find biological
    > behavior, no matter what its ethnic connection, and limit or destroy
    > destructive biological patterns with complete moral ruthlessness, the
    > way a doctor destroys germs, before those biological patterns destroy
    > civilization itself."

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